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A brief introduction to my motor home

My Autohome second-hand car, car parts website, founded in 2020, the world's leading second-hand car, car parts trading platform, on the basis of "no profit", provides second-hand car, car parts trading services for both buyers and sellers.

My auto home business system includes chain brokerage business and supporting professional second-hand car testing, after-sales guarantee, second-hand car finance and other services.

In terms of operation mode, My Autohome integrates offline chain stores and national customer service centers of 4004004000 to build a complete operation system, bringing consumers a new second-hand car trading experience. It is a relatively perfect second-hand car and car parts trading platform in the world at present.

Second, business system
(1) second-hand automobile brokerage business
My Autohome provides excellent service to customers with a "no profit" used car broker model, and the transaction price is determined through face-to-face negotiation between buyers and sellers. And to undertake ownership transfer, vehicle condition detection and other services, service quality charge commission, so that the transaction is transparent, safe, assured.

(2) Supporting services
1. Vehicle condition evaluation service

In order to make the car conditions transparent, my car home launched the car conditions evaluation service, so that consumers are satisfied with the rest assured.

2. After-sales guarantee service
Tailored for used cars, responsible for the after-sale of used cars.
3. Other value-added services
Used-car financial services, car services, automotive supplies services and other value-added products are also gradually developing and operating.

Third, operation system
After 10 years of development, my auto home has formed a website, customer service center "three networks in one" business system. With the accelerated development of the second-hand car industry, the efficient coordination and virtuous cycle of "three networks in one" has provided a strong driving force and guarantee for the rapid development of My Auto Home.

(1) Internet trading platform
My auto home website (jfcarhome.com) and its supporting business management system play the functions of gathering passenger sources, vehicle display, vehicle valuation, information matching and e-commerce. The average daily visits and effective transaction information rank at the forefront of the websites in the second-hand car industry.
(2) Customer Service Center
The customer service center of My Autohome is an important channel for consumer information consultation and feedback, which improves the linkage and service quality between online and offline, and enables users of second-hand car trading to obtain new and professional trading experience.

4. Corporate culture
Vision -- to build China's first and world-class second-hand car trading platform.
Idea - honesty and credit, sunshine and transparency.
Mission - to make markets healthier and transactions safer.
Values -- openness, inclusiveness, enterprising and sharing.

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